Applications for the Beehive Distribution Program (Program) will be accepted October 26, 2022 through November 10, 2022. Submit your application any time during the application period.

Only applications submitted (i) online or (ii) postmarked during the application period will be accepted. Any applications submitted online or postmarked before October 26, 2022, or after November 10, 2022, will not be accepted.

Applications that were submitted in previous years will not carry over to the current Program. In addition, applications from previous years should not be resubmitted as the application has changed and resubmitted applications may be incomplete. To qualify for beehive units, individuals must submit a new application using the Beehive Distribution Online Application or Paper Application. Completed paper applications should be mailed to:

Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Office of Plant Industry Services
ATTN: Beehive Distribution Program
PO Box 1163
Richmond, Virginia, 23218

Recipients of beehive units will be selected at random from accepted applications. Beehive units will not be awarded based on the order in which applications are received.

Individuals should provide a valid email address with their application as notifications regarding the status of an application will be sent by email.

The Program provides equipment directly to eligible individuals for the construction of new beehives. Residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia who are 18 years of age or older at the time an application is submitted are eligible to receive no more than three (3) beehive units per year. Multiple individuals residing in the same household may submit an application, however no more than three (3) beehive units per household will be distributed. Individuals are not eligible to receive beehive units in consecutive years until all applications from individuals that did not receive units in the previous year are processed.

Individuals who submit an application for a beehive unit through the Program will be registered as a beekeeper with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Beehive equipment received through the Program must be assembled and occupied with a colony of honey bees within one (1) year of receiving the equipment. Honey bees and equipment to manage beehives, such as personal safety equipment and honey processing equipment, are not provided through the Program. Individuals interested in applying to receive beehive units through the Program should review the Guidelines & Requirements which provides application instructions.

Individuals receiving beehive units are encouraged to enter their apiary location in the BeeCheck mapping system.


·        Beehive Distribution Online Application – activated during an Application Period

·        Paper Application (pdf) – accepted if postmarked during an Application Period


·        Beehive Distribution Program Guidelines & Requirements (pdf)

·        Protecting Your Personal Information

Services & Resources

·        BeeCheck: Communication tool for beekeepers and pesticide applicators.

·        Virginia Pollinator: Resource for Virginians who need bees or have bees to rent for pollination.

·        Apiary Inspection