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Ijust wanted to let you know that there will be a Tidewater AgriculturalResearch and Extension Center 2020 Peanut and Pork Field Tour on Friday, Aug14, at 2:00 pm featuring aspects of peanut research, crop updates, andrecommendations. I attached the flyer describing how to reach the live videoand the tour’s program.

Itwill be virtual, with all presentations pre-recorded and run as a video. Later,the video will be perpetually posted on Facebook for later viewing, in case youcannot make the date and time. I plan on handling the questions later, viaemail or phone addressed directly to the presenters; emails and contactinformation will be provided. Many thanks to Dr. Brice Cazenave, ResearchAssistant in my program, who did the hardest part, recording the presentationsand assembling.

Ihope to see you Friday, Maria

Maria Balota, Ph.D.

Associate Professorand

Extension Specialist

Virginia Tech,Tidewater Agricultural

Research andExperiment Center

6321 Holland Road

Suffolk, VA 23437

Office: 757-807-6538

Email: mbalota@vt.edu