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As we near back to school time, a great deal of uncertaintyremains. Is schooling going to be virtual, face to face for part of the week,or a hybrid? How are families planning to balance child supervision with job responsibilities? Are parents ready to help childrenwith their at-home learning assignments? Inwhat ways are families preparing children to be face to face in asocially-distanced manner at school? With the varied situations and optionsrelated to the return to schools, many families are feeling challenged withdecisions, planning and in knowing how to prepare their children. This isespecially tough when there is still so much unknown. This session willhighlight some of those concerns and share ideas or resources to supportfamilies in this regard.

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Register forZoom Webinar: https://virginiatech.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_97wbocAvSK2zsbjnpBejzQ

The Balancing Life series is being held on Fridays at 10amduring COVID-19. Recordings from our Balancing Life series can be found at: https://bit.ly/3dcSAnl

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