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Estate Planning and Land Transition — Virginia Cooperative Extension – Virginia State University

Don’t wait to begin planning for the future generation! The USDA estimates that 70% of U.S. farmland will change hands in the next twenty years. If a farm or ranch family business has not adequately planned for changes in ownership, it is more likely to go out of business, be absorbed into ever-larger farming neighbors, or be converted to non-farm uses.

Ebonie Alexander, Executive Director, Black Family Land Trust, Inc. (BFLT), will present this workshop that will help you understand the options and guidance for the decisions you can make today that will help you achieve personal and financial goals for the future of your farm. The BFLT is a niche land trust and one of the nation’s only regional land trust dedicated to the preservation and protection of African-American and other historically underserved landowner’s land assets.

For more information, contact Small Farm Agent Leonard Elam (804) 894-3095 / lelam@vsu.edu or call the Small Farm Outreach Program office at (804) 524-3292.