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With increasingly more potential benefits from the use of drones in Agriculture and the availability of drones designed especially for agricultural applications, it is important for Small Farmers to understand the basic introduction to drones in agriculture.

Learn the concept of precision agriculture by means of drone applications. These applications can readily facilitate information through aerial photography and maps that can help to make decisions to improve yields and lower operational costs.

Learn about drone options, such as precision spray applications of inputs for nutrition and pest control. Spray drones can cover areas di cult to access by hand applications, tractor boom sprayers, or conventional aircraft applications, which are costly and more difficult to mobilize.


3D maps and videos can offer a variety of perspectives of a given site or estate (including buildings) for multiple uses, while live maps and RBG multispectral imagery options offer interpretation of soil conditions, plant health (nutrition, disease and pest problems, water management requirements), and elevation in color and numerical values. Other calculations useful to famers are distance measurements, area calculations and plant counts of any selected area.