In production agriculture we witness the ever-changing technologies that enable producers to increase efficiencies as well as yields in whatever commodity they are a part of.  Most of the time when we hear the phrase, “technologies in agriculture”, we automatically think of the production technologies; heat detection, GPS, drone capabilities, etc. however, this phrase also encompasses media.

Five years ago, if you jumped into a piece of farm machinery or stepped inside a parlor or greenhouse, you would more than likely hear the tunes from popular singers and bands of all genres… not today! Those involved in the agriculture have become increasingly interested in podcasts. Podcasts can be referred to as self-selected, on demand talk shows that highlight an industry expert(s) on a particular topic. Not only does this method of media allow producers to “stay in the know” but, it creates efficiencies, day to day chores + education.

In the podcast world, you can find discussions on everything from chute side practices to business management and how to start an operation to motivational and inspirational stories within the industry. There is certainly something for anyone and everyone to listen to.

In case you are new to the podcast world and are curious as to which or what to start with, we have a list of popular agriculture related series that you are going to want to follow.

  • AgriTalk with Chip Flory
  • Girls Talk Ag
  • Keeping Ag Real
  • Shining Bright by FarmHER
  • StockTalk
  • Chute Side
  • AgFuture Podcast by Alltech
  • Shark Farmer Podcast