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New Course on Inspector Training Through Real-World Situations

The National Organic Program (NOP) has published a new course in the Organic Integrity Learning Center. The new Scenario-Based Inspector Training is a comprehensive course teaching concrete advanced inspection skills.

This Learning Center course uses a first-hand view of field-based scenarios to demonstrate how inspectors apply knowledge and skills to successfully inspect organic operations. These complex, real-world situations demonstrate the skills used to conduct successful organic inspections, including critical thinking, risk determination, effective interpersonal communication, and the observe-and-report approach. Video scenarios cover inspections of crop, livestock, and handling operations.

This scenario-based course is designed primarily for organic inspectors. It is also relevant to reviewers, certification officers, technical specialists, and others. Before taking this course, you should have a basic understanding of the organic certification process, organic regulations, and organic inspections.

This course was prepared for NOP in partnership with Oregon Tilth Certified Organic and is publicly available in the Organic Integrity Learning Center.

Self-Enrolling in Learning Center Courses

Getting Started

How to Register for a Course

Once logged into the USDA AMS National Organic Program, Organic Integrity Learning Center, signing up for a course is like buying a product at an online store, but all training is free.

To register for an NOP course in the Organic Integrity Learning Center, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Register for Course in the menu.
  2. Available courses in the program will appear.
  3. Click the green Register button for each desired course.
  4. The green button will change to a blue button that says, Added to Cart.
  5. You will see a shopping cart with the number of courses selected.
  6. Click the link that says Proceed to Checkout. Note: The tuition is $0 – All training in the Learning Center is free!
  7. A list of the courses you selected will appear. To confirm enrollment, select the green Confirm button.
  8. Go to your Dashboard to launch the course.
  9. Click on the course title from the list of Active Courses.

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  • Once you have completed a course, it will appear under the list of Completed Courses.
  • To access all completed course content, register for the National Organic Program Training Archive course to review (read-only) material from all OILC courses.

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