Sustainable Grazing and Pasture Management,” the sixth video in SARE’s “What is Sustainable Agriculture?” series shows how farmers can improve soil health and plant vigor by focusing on the health of their pastures and rangelands. This simple animation is a great introduction to the basic principles of sustainable livestock management and is intended to complement more detailed training materials.

The animation illustrates how proper land and animal management are related to productivity, healthy soil and water quality. Producers can improve the success and sustainability of their farms by:

  • Setting long- and short-term goals
  • Taking inventory of grazing resources
  • Deciding on an optimum stocking rate
  • Creating a grazing schedule
  • Rotating animal grazing
  • Monitoring pasture health

Sustainable Grazing and Pasture Management” is now available for viewing and sharing at and on YouTube. Farmers, ranchers, educators and other agricultural professionals may download the video and/or embed it without modification into websites or other fair use educational presentations. This video series was produced through a collaboration of the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program and Pixeldust Studios.